Management Services Organizations (MSOs)

MSO’s Are Gaining Popularity In Ophthalmology And Optometry

MSO Eye Partners’ core purpose is to provide management and administrative support services to individual ophthalmologists and group medical practices. Our objective is to relieve physicians of the day-to-day tasks of managing the practice.
Our MSO can typically save money on services and supplies already purchased by the practice on a regular basis. MSO Eye Partners uses its large group purchasing volume to enter into agreements with suppliers, so that member practices have access to better pricing on various supplies and professional services.

In addition, all MSO Eye Partners members will have access to discounted management, billing, credentialing, accounting, legal, marketing, SEO, electronic medical records, human resource management, malpractice insurance, IT, equipment financing, recruiting, real estate partnerships, ASC consulting services, telemedicine and much more.

Our MSO will focus on improving the financial performance of each of our individual member practices by enhancing their respective EBITDA to position the MSO for a future sale with the intent of gaining the best multiple earnings within the industry.

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Typically, there are two models for MSOs.


  • Services are on an “as needed” basis
  • Practice maintains total control
  • Reduction of cost through group purchasing initiatives
  • Mission is usually to grow at a local and regional level


  • MSO acquires the assets of the organization
  • Acquiring company takes over all administrative and managerial functions
  • Focus is on control, efficiency, and EBITDA enhancement
  • Rapid growth and expansion

MSO Eye Partners Strategic Plan

Initial Focus During Phase One

Decentralized Approach

Phase Two

Centralized Emphasis

Economies Of Scale

Possible Sale to a PE Firm