Understand the Value of our MSO

Eye Care is our Only Business – Be Part of Something Special

Working with an MSO for your ophthalmology or optometry practice is a way for you to focus on patient care, while a valued and trusted partner focuses on the backend business. Open the door to a new horizon of opportunities.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Maintaining ownership and control of your practice
  • Immediate access to C-Suite management, expert billing, human resource management, credentialing, marketing, accounting, legal, discounted purchasing, etc.
  • Nominal fees
  • No restrictive covenants
  • Terminate at anytime with a 30 day notice
  • Enjoy all of the benefits of a larger practice with a focus on growth and EBITDA enhancement
  • Opportunity to develop a succession plan
  • A partner who cares about the business as much as you
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Clear & Measurable Goals

Measurable Goals

Maintain Control Of Your Practice

“Operate your practice on your terms, take advantage of our talent and resources to take your practice to the next level which will open up potential options for you in the future.”

Joe Carroll, CEO, Managing Partner

Joseph Carroll