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Ways to Reduce Your No-Shows

Every ophthalmology or optometry practice struggles with how to deal with patients who do not show up for appointments or cancel at the last minute. They can have a dramatic impact on your practice’s bottom line by lowering revenue and decreasing productivity. Have you ever calculated the annual lost revenue from no-shows? It can range… Read More

The Importance of Teamwork for Ophthalmology Practices

Do you want your ophthalmology practice to have the best reputation in the area? Receiving word of mouth referrals from satisfied patients is free. They can be far more effective than print advertising or social media. Having a reputation for excellence doesn’t only depend on your technical skills as a doctor. The patient care experience… Read More

Understanding the Difference Between an MSO and a Private Equity Firm

In the past several years, ophthalmologists have shown a growing interest in alternative business models such as PE (private equity firms) and MSOs (management services organizations.) Why is that? Many ophthalmologists enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of their clinical practice, but are increasingly dissatisfied with the complex issues of managing their business. You may be… Read More

What Is An MSO?

An MSO, or Management Service Organization, is a business designed to assist medical practices. MSOs focus on the non-medical work involved in running a practice. MSOs handle the administrative side of things for office-based medical practices and ambulatory surgery centers not associated with a hospital. There are a variety of areas where MSOs can contribute… Read More

4 Reasons Your Ophthalmology Practice Needs a Management Services Organization (MSO)

Why do people decide to become eye surgeons? While there is no singular answer to this question, many ophthalmologists might answer that they have a driving passion to help/heal people or to improve their quality of life. Perhaps vision care or general health care runs in the family and they wish to continue the tradition…. Read More

Joining a Management Service Organization (MSO) for Ophthalmology Practice

Medical practice has become an increasingly complex business. As the practices get larger, combine and re-organize, and have increasingly complex issues with revenue and compliance, the business demands of an individual or small group practice approach industrial scale. Gone are the days of the neighborhood doctor with the face-to-face friendly give and take. The technology… Read More